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Parent experience evaluation is better than Xiaoxun Y1 and 360 watch 8x. Which is better? What's the difference

Xiaoxun Y1 and 360 watch 8x are both popular models in the market, with good quality. The main reason is that they are different in appearance and similar in function. It depends on your preference. This [4G all in one new product Y1] Xiaoxun mibro AI learning watch is recommended by your parents. Behind it is planted with grass. This Xiaoxun mibro AI learning watch Y1 is very good, with positioning function, do not disturb in class function, Alipay function, video and other functions are very practical, It is very suitable for students in school, and also allows parents to know the location of their children in time, which is very convenient

Xiaoxun mibro AI learning watch tightening experiment is conditional, Y1 more parents evaluate the advantages and disadvantages "," 360 watch 8x quotation and comments "," 360 watch 8x tmall quotation and comments to ensure the stability of sensor components "for your comparison

I. Xiaoxun mibro AI learning watch Y1 price quotation:

[4G all in new Y1] Xiaoxun mibro AI learning watch Telecom version children's watch waterproof student intelligent positioning child boy girl Bracelet meter rabbit Xiaomi

[at the price] 799.00 yuan


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II. Xiaoxun mibro AI learning watch Y1 configuration parameters:

III Xiaoxun mibro AI learning watch Y1 other user comments:

I have always wanted to buy a watch for my child. I chose one for a long time. After the patient answer of customer service, I finally chose Xiaoxun's Y1. The delivery speed is very fast, and the arrival speed is also very fast. The computer automatically receives the experimental instructions, sample number, steel grade and other information of the belt sequence transmitted by the upper computer. Children like it after receiving it. I tested all the functions and they all perfectly met my needs. The watch responds quickly and the signal is also very good. The interface of the watch end and the interface design of the app are very friendly, so you can learn to operate quickly. It also presented a hanging case and a spare watch strap, which was very considerate. I hope my child can use it for a long time

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