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A glimpse of digital proofing and color management

market pressure

once upon a time, when customers sent samples to the printing factory, they repeatedly told them to ensure the accuracy of overprint. As a result, some printed products were still slightly inferior due to water absorption or mechanical reasons; Now, the customer notes on the color spray sample: Please print strictly according to its color. Overprint accuracy has been a basic requirement for customers to accept prints, and color is the focus of customers' concern. Color is one of the methods that consumers use to distinguish genuine and fake goods, and it is also the wealth of customers. Therefore, color management becomes very important

the supply of low-grade printed matter exceeds the demand, and high-quality printed matter has the temptation of huge profits. Whoever has mastered color management will have the market of high-end printed matter

Due to the popularity of four-color and multi-color offset printing machines, coupled with the application of alcohol fountain system and anhydrous offset printing, overprint accuracy is no longer a problem. However, the problem of how to accurately restore the color not only makes the captains difficult, but also gives technical managers a headache. The standardization, standardization and digitalization of high-quality production management and printing technology were recognized by us 10 years ago, but they are like water months, and it is too difficult to implement. With the popularity of the concept of service at the first time, people are reluctant to let digital proofing replace traditional proofing. In addition, CTP has broad prospects for development. Digital proofing system and comprehensive management have attracted increasing attention

understanding digital proofing

in digital proofing, the most important thing is the predictable printing color, the simulation point of imitation printing materials. Customers provide color inkjet samples and corresponding digital files. The applied image and graphics processing software, printers, inks and other aspects are different, so the parameters of digital files must be adjusted and corrected. Digital proofing is a system to replace traditional proofing, and its software and hardware are relatively fixed (including consumables), which cannot be replaced at will, otherwise its value will be greatly reduced

in order to match the actual process conditions, the Prepress digital proofing technology is open and modifiable. There are many factors that affect color restoration. Leaving aside the real printing equipment, the stability and manageability of Prepress digital proofing need not be more important

how to narrow the gap between digital proofing and final printing is the most concerned problem of users. The integrator of digital proofing system provides users with many ICC documents with printing characteristics, and these documents are not controlled by grading: the problem used to deal with accurate "positioning" comes from the user's own printing machine, so the optimization of ICC documents is essential. The fixture applied to concave convex temperature increases ease of use, and the friendly ICC document production interface is naturally one of the important basis for users to choose and buy the system

secondly, the formulation of ICC documents is often based on the data collected by color densitometer and spectrophotometer, which is greatly affected by the light source. I personally believe that the main goal of collection should be the percentage of points, supplemented by the necessary control of the field density value. In this way, the development of ICC documents for printing machines or printers will have more practical application value, because the color of printed matter is expressed by point percentage, and it is also affected by the fixed color of light sources and printing materials. The relevant digital proofing system also has a similar concept

with the emergence of dot proofing technology and related software and hardware, the color management software is applied to automatically compare digital proofing with printed matter, generate or modify digital proofing ICC files, and finally make digital proofing and printed matter tend to be consistent. Through the experimental production of simulating the actual printing conditions (ink, paper, printing equipment, production site environment), a limited number of time-lapse digital proofing ICC documents are produced to achieve the purpose of simulating printing color

digital proofing system undoubtedly finds a breakthrough for the application of color management in proofing. Of course, comprehensive color management should also include prepress and printing color control. Only when the printing process is standardized and data-based management, can many plastic materials that meet the green packaging be used in a large area; The development of intelligent and other advanced packaging technology can support comprehensive management in the general environment

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