There is no QS among the 44 most popular cold drin

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There is no "QS" among the 44 cold drink enterprises in Anshan.

from July 1 this year, those without the "QS" (quality system) mark on the cold drink packaging will not be available for sale. Yesterday, it was learned from Anshan Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision that up to now, none of the 44 cold drink enterprises in Anshan has obtained the "QS" certification

as summer approaches, cold drinks will become more and more popular among citizens. 44 cold drink enterprises in the city applied for the "QS" certification, but their enthusiasm was not high. Only a few large cold drink production enterprises passed the on-site review and product inspection through the replacement of various samples without climbing. Anshan quality supervision department reminds the majority of cold drink enterprises to apply to the quality supervision department as soon as possible. After July 1, Anshan quality supervision departments at all levels will carry out law enforcement inspection on cold drink enterprises, and order unlicensed enterprises and products to stop production and sales in accordance with the law. Li Yong reports

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