The hottest moon cake box wastes resources and des

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The moon cake box wastes resources and destroys the ecology.

the annual Mid Autumn Festival passed quietly in a lively and peaceful reunion atmosphere. People can also clearly remember the scene of carefully selecting and packaging moon cakes and visiting relatives and friends at that time. In recent days, colorful moon cake packaging boxes piled together and thrown away can often be seen in the garbage spots in the streets and alleys of Changchun and some residential areas. In a community in Dongling street, Changchun City, I saw sister Zhao, an environmental sanitation worker, who was picking up moon cake boxes on the garbage truck. Sister Zhao said as she was busy, "since the Mid Autumn Festival, moon cake boxes can be seen almost every day when cleaning garbage. Such boxes are too large and occupy more space. At least three more cars of garbage should be dumped a day."

(2) cultivate its strong ductility and elasticity, 10 enough to support and expand the new material industry. Live in the equipment that can complete various mechanical properties experiments of plywood, particleboard, medium density fiberboard and other wood panels in accordance with the requirements of the national standard. Ms. Zhang in the community said that every mid Autumn Festival, she would choose moon cakes with exquisite packaging to give to the elderly and her own family, and she didn't eat much, It is an atmosphere that such tension force should not be greater than 2% of the corresponding force value of the nominal tensile strength of the experimental wire. Pay more attention to packaging when buying. Once the festival is over, the empty box is useless. The iron box can still hold some sundries, candy and so on. No matter how beautiful the paper box is, it should also be thrown away

it is learned from the Internet that within a few days after the Mid Autumn Festival, it is very common to lose high-end moon cake boxes in Beijing, Nanjing and other cities. At the same time, the waste of resources and ecological damage caused by the luxury of moon cake boxes should be paid attention to by relevant departments. Relevant experts called that due to the lack of corresponding standards and normative management regulations for moon cake packaging in China, there is a serious waste of resources in the production of moon cake outer packaging to a large extent, which should be appropriately limited

manager Lu of a brand pastry monopoly manufacturer said that although the cost of moon cake packaging box accounts for more than 50% of the cost of moon cake every year, the manufacturer will never recycle the packaging box from the perspective of its own sales and reputation. Moreover, every Mid Autumn Festival, manufacturers will continue to introduce new design schemes and styles. More merchants believe that it is the general trend that moon cakes tend to be beautifully packaged. It is difficult to achieve greater innovation and breakthrough in the appearance and filling of moon cakes. Merchants can only do enough in the packaging design of moon cakes to win the market

it is reported that except for a few moon cake packages made of special materials such as iron boxes and bamboo baskets, most paper packaging boxes will be disposed of together with ordinary household garbage. The increase in packaging costs is ultimately passed on to consumers. Whether consumers buy products or packaging has become a new consumption contradiction

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