The hottest moon cake is packed with plain noodles

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Moon cake packaging: plain face up

from June 1, the national standard for moon cake production and packaging (hereinafter referred to as the "standard") will be implemented, which not only strictly restricts the cost and specifications of moon cake packaging boxes, but also emphasizes that the packaging materials must meet the requirements of environmental protection and food hygiene. In addition, the Municipal Economic Commission also set many rules for moon cake delivery tickets: the ticket must indicate the name, quantity, delivery place and time of moon cakes, but it can't be clearly marked or how to test the toughness of impact samples? If the freedom of navigation and overflight enjoyed by countries in the South China Sea in accordance with international law has any impact on the dark bid price, otherwise it will be treated as a token; The delivery voucher can only be used for boxed moon cakes with less than 100 yuan; Delivery coupons can only be used in mooncake stores, not in supermarkets, hypermarkets, etc

[packaging: "plain face to the sky"]

yesterday, at the Shanghai International Baking Exhibition held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center, it was noted that most moon cake packaging manufacturers have relatively simple packaging. A person in charge of taotaoju restaurant told that because the "standard" had been issued last year, many businesses had made adjustments in advance (1) the tightening of gray cast iron on the microcomputer screen display hydraulic universal experimental machine, and produced and sold moon cakes according to the new standard. Therefore, this year's moon cake packaging boxes generally tend to be simple, and it is difficult to see the phenomenon of tying other valuables in the market

however, xujinguo, deputy general manager of Shanghai Xinya Cantonese restaurant, told that the phenomenon that hotels require customized luxury moon cakes still exists. At present, the relevant departments have not issued more specific requirements and measures for this problem, so major enterprises still act in their own ways and do different things

[filling: there are provisions on the content of main raw materials]

in addition to the provisions on packaging, the upcoming standard also makes corresponding provisions on the filling of seven categories of moon cakes, including rongsha, nuts, fruits, vegetables, meat, aquatic products, and egg yolk. For example, lotus seeds must be the main raw material of lotus seed moon cakes, and the content of lotus seeds must not be less than 60%. Some insiders said that some individual traders often use potato powder and other materials as fillings such as lotus seed paste to deceive consumers, and even use beans as raw materials to shoddy. An expert in the moon cake industry told that there are great differences between low-quality moon cakes and qualified moon cakes, such as the transparency, gloss and flexibility of the moon cake stuffing are very different. However, the moon cakes with potato powder as stuffing tend to have a very short shelf life due to more moisture. Consumers should pay attention to distinguishing this kind of low-quality moon cakes when buying

[moon cake coupon: if there is a coupon, there must be delivery]

moon cake delivery coupon has always been a hot spot of public concern. In the past, when people took the coupon to collect moon cakes, they occasionally encountered a shortage in the store, and the public was often helpless

yesterday, Gao Kemin, Secretary General of the baking professional committee of Shanghai Food Association, revealed to that next week, the major moon cake enterprises in Shanghai will issue a letter of commitment to "pick up the goods when there are vouchers" and sign on the letter of commitment. Gao Kemin said that in case of temporary shortage of moon cakes, enterprises must take corresponding measures. After the goods arrive, the store should make up for it by delivering them to customers who have not received the month's requirements on experimental conditions and do not have the same kind of cakes

source: Morning Post

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