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The Montreal agreement will thoroughly investigate the illegal sources of Freon

the Montreal agreement will thoroughly investigate the illegal sources of Freon

July 24, 2018

[China paint information]

the member countries of the Montreal agreement promise to "identify, quantify, locate and stop" Freon emissions from East Asia

this commitment was made at a meeting held in Vienna in mid July. This is a response to a report in nature, also known as the specified stress report. According to the report, the content of chlorofluorocarbons that Deplete the ozone layer in the atmosphere has increased

according to the article in nature, these seem to be produced illegally in East Asia. According to the investigation of the environmental investigation agency, a non-governmental organization headquartered in London, some Chinese companies are illegally using CFC-11 in hard foam systems and polyol mixtures

the executive secretary of the United Nations Ozone Secretariat, Tina birmpi, said at the meeting that "any illegal production of CFC-11 requires decisive action... We cannot sit idly by." At the meeting, the scientific assessment panel of the Montreal Protocol will report on rising CFC-11 emissions and new atmospheric models. These will also show the impact of new emissions on the atmosphere

at the same time, the organization's technology and economic assessment team will now try to track the emissions belonging to the open-loop control system

both groups will report at the meeting in March 2019

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