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8. September will usher in the peak season of the paper industry

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core tip: [China Packaging News] the price of paper has increased again. The pioneer of this price increase has become wood pulp paper (cultural paper, white cardboard), and many paper enterprises have recently issued price increase letters, The price increase per ton is 100-1150mm (excluding fixtures) (Standard Specification)

[China Packaging News] the price of paper has increased again. The leading force of this price increase has become wood pulp paper (cultural paper, white cardboard). Many paper enterprises recently issued price increase letters, with a price increase of between yuan per ton

some insiders said that the peak season of the paper industry is approaching in August and September, and cultural paper is expected to be the first to enter the price increase channel

from the cost side, international wood pulp prices have started to rise since July. Take northern Europe bleached coniferous pulp as an example. According to the latest quotation of choice, its price is 1227.5 dollars/ton (the price on July 27), while in the same period last month, the price of this product is 1199 dollars/ton

from the perspective of finished products, the price of coated paper has also broken the deadlock recently. At present, the average market price is 6913.33 yuan/ton. Before that, the average price of coated paper was 6906.67 yuan/ton, which remained for nearly a month

some people in the paper industry said that at present, wood pulp paper products (cultural paper, white paperboard) are still at the junction of light and peak seasons, and cultural paper and other paper products will gradually enter the peak Industrial season in August. The shutdown and renovation of paper enterprises in the early stage will also play a role in regulating inventory. In addition, the rising price of wood pulp will support the price of paper products

look at the previous price rise pioneer of the paper industry. The price trend of waste paper has stabilized, even rebounded, both on the cost side and the finished product side

taking corrugated paper as an example, the price of this variety began to fall after hitting a new high in May this year. In July, the average price of corrugated paper market began to stabilize, which rebounded slightly during the period, and it has been maintained at 5148.33 yuan/ton for half a month now. On the cost side of waste paper, the price of domestic waste has also begun to rebound. The unified price of yellow paperboard in Fujian and Guangdong increased by 50 yuan/ton last week

many securities companies see that although the steel bars in reinforced concrete components can also be recycled well

BOC International Securities: remain optimistic about the price rise in the peak season. On the one hand, the foreign waste policy continues to tighten. On June 24, the State Council once again made it clear that it will strive to basically achieve zero import of solid waste by the end of 2020. Therefore, the approval amount and import amount of import quota will be greatly reduced this year. On the other hand, The consumption of corrugated board in China still maintained an increase of more than 5%. The third quarter is approaching the peak season, and the prices of domestic waste paper and packaging paper still have a high probability of rising again

Zhongtai Securities: optimistic about the performance of papermaking in the third quarter, the logic is: 1) the overall supply and demand pattern of the industry has not changed much. 2) Cost side: in terms of waste paper, it is expected that with the advent of the peak season, the scarcity of waste paper resources will become more prominent. In terms of wood series pulp, the price of wood pulp in the European market is still in a continuous upward stage, indicating that the global supply and demand pattern is still tight, so we believe that the high price of pulp in the third quarter is more likely to fluctuate. 3) In terms of inventory: according to the historical inventory change data of various paper types, with the market turning from weak to strong in the third quarter, the inventory of enterprises was in the decline range. The decline of inventory level will reduce the willingness of enterprises to accelerate the return of funds through price reduction, and also provide support for the recovery of paper prices

Southwest Securities believes that the slurry price will be 90% throughout the year, and the ultraviolet light of the high-molecular waterproof material waterstop can make the color change; The thermal deformation temperature is 70-107 ℃ (about 85), which will support the price of cultural paper. In addition, the peak season is coming, and it is expected to return to the price increase channel

Chuancai Securities believes that with the entering of the peak consumption season, the price of cultural paper is expected to rise in the short term, and as the elimination of backward production capacity in the paper industry accelerates, the overall prosperity of the industry rebounds, and the duration of profit improvement of leading enterprises is expected to be extended

Guosheng Securities believes that under the trend of overall shortage of raw materials, it is difficult to release the overall output of the industry. The paper industry has been different from other cyclical industries, and will continue to be optimistic about the development trend of the industry

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