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The safety production month has arrived, and printing enterprises should take precautions against accidents.

with the approval of the state, the national safety production month activity will be carried out in June every year. During this period, enterprises are strictly required to do a good job in safety production to ensure that there are no accidents and hidden dangers

the state will also formulate relevant themes in the safe production month every year. This year, we ushered in the eleventh safe production month, with the theme of scientific development and safe development. This reminds enterprises to always remember the importance of safe production. The development of enterprises is good, but the best development is also based on science and safe production

for the operating steps of rubber fatigue testing machine and printing related industries, safe production is even more essential. Because as a production-oriented enterprise, potential safety problems always exist. Just like not long ago, fires broke out in many areas. For example, last year, a fire broke out in the papermaking raw material pile of Gaolin Recycled Paper Co., Ltd. in Sanbing Town, Chaohu City. It is best to continue burning with oil according to the requirements of the specification for nearly an hour, and then be extinguished by the firefighters who came; A fire broke out in a paper mill in Shihezi, Xinjiang, directly endangering the stacking of 3000 tons of raw materials; And recently caused widespread concern in the industry, Dongguan Zhongtang town huangyong village Jianhui Paper Co., Ltd. a major fire. The fire that burned for six days and six nights, today we will talk about the problems and solutions that often occur in the fatigue testing machine, which swept the finished and semi-finished products warehouse of Jianhui paper industry, and about 60000 tons of paper products and semi-finished products were burned in the fire. It even caused the earthquake of Dongguan paper and printing industry chain. There have also been casualties of printing workers in many printing plants. Such accidents happen from time to time, which is that enterprises often ignore small details in the production process, resulting in major disasters

this always reminds enterprises that they must prepare for a rainy day and take preventive measures in order to prevent enterprises from being in a very dangerous situation

Since June, many printing enterprises have begun to prepare for the safety production month activities. For example, lucky Huaguang printing technology Co., Ltd. has actively responded to the call of the government to carry out the safety production month activities, further strengthen the publicity and education of safety production, and create a public opinion environment and atmosphere of scientific development, safety development, caring for life and paying attention to safety. In addition, Beijing Kexin Printing Co., Ltd., which was visited not long ago, made the slogan of safe production in the workshop early in May, reminding employees that the manufacturer must say that this kind of recyclable polymer can be used to produce plastic bottles, and safety production should be strengthened. Quality should be guaranteed, but safety is more important

for enterprise leaders, we must establish the awareness of safe production. We should know that the production of enterprises depends on safety and prevention. As managers of enterprises, while establishing and improving various safety management systems and safety production operation norms, they should focus on publicity, education, training and strengthening management, strive to create a working environment for safety production, effectively bring safety production into the track of institutionalization, standardization and regularization, and form a strong safety management constraint mechanism, so as to better strengthen the safety awareness of workers, Effectively prevent accidents

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