The hottest monthly sales of $10 million Sany Samb

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Monthly sales of $10 million Sany "Samba" dance miracle

monthly sales of $10 million Sany "Samba" dance miracle

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Guide: Recently, good news came from Brazil. In May 2011, the monthly sales of Sany Brazil exceeded $10million for the first time, and sany internationalization took solid steps again. Industry insiders pointed out that Sany Brazil has successfully completed the first phase construction of the Brazilian factory in just one year since its preparation in March 2010, and

recently, good news came from Brazil. In May 2011, Sany Brazil's monthly sales exceeded US $10million for the first time, and sany internationalization took another solid step. Industry insiders pointed out that Sany Brazil has successfully completed the first phase construction of the Brazilian factory in just one year since its preparation in March 2010, and has successfully realized the localized production of excavators and truck cranes, with rapid sales growth, which is a miracle

localized mass production

in the afternoon of December 7, 2010, with a slight roar, the first excavator sy215 in Sany Brazil came off the production line, and the whole factory was boiling. Leaders from the Chinese Consul General in Sao Paulo, local government officials in Brazil, and agents from all over Brazil witnessed this historic moment

two months later, on February 26, 2011, Sany Brazil's first truck crane was successfully rolled off the production line. It is understood that this is Sany's first truck crane produced overseas - so far, Sany Brazil has successfully realized the localized production of excavators and truck cranes

the Brazilian industrial park is Sany's fourth overseas R & D and production base, which was officially launched in March 2010. Taking the Class B1 Standard in the new national standard GB8624 (2) 012 "classification of flammability of building materials and products" as an example, the total investment is planned to be $200million. It is mainly committed to the production of excavators, crawler cranes and other construction machinery products. According to the announcement of Sany Heavy Industry, the annual sales of Sany Brazil is expected to reach US $500million in five years and US $2billion in ten years; However, according to the current sales situation, this figure is expected to double. It is also understood that at present, the local employees of Sany Brazil account for more than 80%

in order to meet the needs of localization development, Sany Brazil sent dozens of Brazilian employees to China for a three-month production skills training before it was put into production. After production, the company also sent experienced domestic technicians to Brazil to explain technical problems. With the joint efforts of Chinese and Brazilian employees, the excavator, crane and other products of Sany Brazil Industrial Park have been mass produced, while the pilot production of other products has also been carried out in an all-round way, and the concrete machinery and pavement machinery will also be locally produced by the end of the year. It is reported that in addition to Brazil, the products will also radiate to the entire South American market

"it is also a grader, which is used by Chinese to build roads, Americans to shovel snow, and Brazilians to carry out agricultural production. Different countries and regions have different performance requirements for the same product." Xiang Wenbo, President of Sany Heavy Industry, said that Sany's overseas base is to solve the localization of products and services, while reducing the costs of logistics, procurement and other aspects

Sany Brazil Industrial Park

the marketing network has been basically completed

in fact, as early as 2007, Sany Heavy Industry has entered Brazil and established an office locally. At that time, products were mostly sold by direct selling. In 2010, with the dust of Sany's large-scale investment in Brazil settled, the task of improving and perfecting the company's sales channels in Brazil is imminent. To this end, Sany Brazil subdivided the market into eight regions, and began to seek agents in each region in April, 2010

after strict inspection and screening, Sany Brazil signed a cooperative agency agreement with 9 agents of excavators, rollers, graders and 2 crane agents on November 9, 2010. It is reported that these agents are generally strong, have a very sound marketing network, and have rich industry experience and marketing resources

yuan Jinhua, chairman of Sany Brazil, said that the signing of the agency agreement means that the construction of Sany Brazil's marketing network is basically completed, and sany Brazil's product sales have a more perfect channel guarantee, laying a solid foundation for rapid development

sales growth by leaps and bounds

relying on the two advantages of localized manufacturing and service, as well as the perfect agent system, Sany Brazil sold us $10million a month in May 2011 - "this is the best sales performance since Sany entered Brazil due to talent shortage!" Yuan Jinhua said happily

yuan Jinhua told that in 2009, Sany Brazil achieved sales of more than US $4 million, and the sales revenue in 2010 exceeded US $30 million. "In the early stage of entering the Brazilian market, we mainly competed with international construction machinery giants based on customer reputation, factory building publicity, star service, test drive experience, etc., and the terminal pricing was slightly lower than that of first-line brands."

"we sell a wide range of products in Brazil, but each product is in the charge of a professional team, and the organizational structure is very clear. In addition, our overall incentive for management and service personnel is also higher than the market level." Talking about whether there is acclimatization, Yuan Jinhua said that it is inappropriate to measure the deflection by using the displacement of the beam. "For local agents, we regularly carry out the training of agent sales personnel, improve the agent sales policy, introduce the agent incentive policy, and provide opportunities for key customers to visit China."

"Brazil is a country with beautiful scenery, rich resources and good industrial foundation. As one of the BRICs countries, Brazil is achieving leapfrog development." Yuan Jinhua said that Brazil has a land area of 8.5 million square kilometers and is connected with many countries in the South American continent, so it has a good market radiation capacity. In addition, Brazil will hold the world cup in 2014 and the Olympic Games in 2016. In particular, the Brazilian government's "accelerated growth plan" is believed to provide great opportunities for the Brazilian construction machinery market. "Last year, Brazil signed an order of $4.5 million for road machinery alone."

it is also understood that at present, Sany's brand awareness in Brazil has increased steadily. Sany crawler crane participated in the rescue of Chile in 2010 and sany pump truck rushed to Japan's nuclear power plant in March 2011, which were reported by many Brazilian construction machinery magazines. Insiders highly appreciated Sany's feats

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