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Over packaged goods fade out of the market? Recessive over packaging still exists

towards the end of the year, more and more consumers are purchasing new year goods. Recently, Penglai Municipal Bureau of quality supervision organized a special inspection of over packaged goods, and found that over packaged goods were significantly reduced. Major shopping malls and supermarkets have played the civilian brand, and drinks have taken off at the same time. 4. Using special tools to hold samples, simple style, luxury packaging gift boxes were significantly slimmed down, high in the closed space, forming a solid shape, big expensive new year goods basically faded out of the market

quality supervision personnel saw in jiajiayue supermarket, Dongguan Road, Penglai that simple cardboard boxes were used in the special area of imported beer, while paper square boxes were mostly used for Baijiu. Supermarket staff said: the biggest change in this year's new year's goods is that the packaging is more simple. In the past, imported beer, milk, drinks and beverages were mostly packed in expensive iron boxes, which looked very luxurious and gave people a lot of face, but the price had to be at least twice as expensive. This phenomenon has basically disappeared this year

quality supervision personnel checked in large shopping malls and supermarkets such as Penglai Liqun, Zhenhua and jiajiayue, and found that liquor counters were placed in prominent positions in the door. Over packaged goods were rare, and the price drop, cost sales and buy one get one, buy one get three promotion signs were particularly eye-catching. Zhenhua supermarket service staff said that now the consumption of alcohol for business banquets and unit welfare has decreased sharply, and the focus of sales has shifted to household consumption. Medium and low-end alcohol products are welcomed by consumers

the quality supervision personnel found that although the phenomenon of excessive packaging was significantly weakened, some goods still existed in an implicit way. For example, some high-end red wine, health products, tea, etc. at first glance, they all seem to comply with the regulations. If you look carefully, you will find it fishy. In front of a supermarket tea counter, a Tie Guanyin was priced at 690 yuan, only 400 grams. The three-layer packaging of vacuum tin foil, glazed porcelain cans and patterned wooden boxes met the regulations, but there was also a beautiful handbag after buying, which was equivalent to the fourth layer of packaging. In the bulk sales area of the same kind of Tieguanyin, the price is only 38 yuan/two, which is more than half cheaper. A supermarket's Cosmetic Gift Box exceeded the 50% packaging gap requirement. Among them, a complete set of cosmetics of a certain brand, including moisturizer, moisturizing lotion, etc., each bottle of cosmetics has a box outside the packaging box. After consumers choose and buy, the merchant will also distribute a luxury packaging bag

the change of people's consumption concept has resulted in the cold reception of excessively luxury packaged goods and a significant decline in the number of high-end goods purchased. The key point is that the concept of gift giving has changed a lot. Citizens choose healthy and affordable goods for gifts, resulting in a reduction in consumption of high-end goods. In view of this market, supermarkets have to reduce prices and promote sales, otherwise no one will buy it. Said Mr. Zhang, who was shopping in the supermarket

the quality supervision personnel reminded that the "requirements for limiting excessive packaging of goods food and cosmetics" (GB) clearly stipulates that except for the initial packaging, the number of layers of commodity packaging should not be more than 3; The void ratio of health products and cosmetics packaging shall not be greater than 50%, and that of beverages and wine packaging shall not be greater than 55%, so unless otherwise specified. At the same time, the cost of commodity packaging shall not exceed 20% of the sales price of commodities, otherwise it will be regarded as excessive packaging. For commodities whose packaging does not meet the standard, the relevant enterprises will face a fine of 20% to 50% of the value of the products, and the relevant persons will be fined less than 5000 yuan

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