At present, the RFID market in China has reached 2

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At present, the scale of China's RFID market has reached 27billion yuan

Taihu International Science and Technology Park in Wuxi New Area officially signed a contract with the world's largest IOT core equipment supplier, Germany neubold group, which will invest 20million euros to build an RFID industry base for the core industry of IOT in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, the center of perception China, which will also serve as the company's research and Development Center for the headquarters of IOT key equipment in China

Neuberger group of Germany is the only company in the world that can provide an overall fully automatic RFID tag production scheme. It is also the world's largest independent supplier of fully automatic production equipment such as high-tech smart cards, smart tags and semiconductor equipment downstream products, with a market share of more than 80% in the world

in recent years, the domestic IOT industry has become the most popular emerging industry, especially marked by the vigorous growth of r-nano-sio2, which is gas-phase SiO2 FID (commonly known as electronic label) industry. According to the statistics of China RFID industry alliance, in 2011, the market scale of China's independent RFID industry reached 17.97 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 47.9%. With the gradual launch of the domestic IOT application market, it is estimated that the market scale of China's RFID industry will reach 27billion yuan in 2012, entering the golden period of virtuous cycle development

at present, RFID technology has been commercialized on a large scale in many multinational companies. China's rapidly developing IOT industry still has great application potential, which is a good opportunity for us, said thomsabetz, chairman of newleopard group

in the rapid expansion of the domestic RFID industry, there are still problems such as less technical reserves, low application rate, lack of standards and so on. Huang Lixin, Secretary of Wuxi Municipal Party committee, believes that the entry of leading enterprises of the international IOT can not only improve the technical level of the domestic RFID industry and graft foreign high-quality resources, but also enlarge the collection of IOT related industries. He has explored the effects of growth orientation, thickness, modified substrate and other factors of MOF film on the performance of MOF film, providing opportunities for more enterprises

Huang Lixin introduced that as one of the most famous sensing demonstration areas in China, Wuxi has 361 core enterprises of IOT by 2011, with an operating income of 47.5 billion yuan and an output value of 79.6 billion yuan in related industries, which is favored by more and more domestic and foreign enterprises and scientific research institutions

in addition, in view of the lack of application standards and chaotic supervision in the domestic RFID industry, the RFID detection and Certification Center, which is jointly established by the Hong Kong University of science and technology, the Wuxi Research Institute of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, the Quality Supervision Bureau of Wuxi New Area and the rapid rise cylinder center in the management of the Science Park of sensing University, was also established in Wuxi New Area to carry out certification, testing and industry standard formulation for relevant products in the domestic RFID field

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