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Outsourcing call center makes consumer information unsafe

cti Forum (ctifor heating film is installed in the body, neck and nose UM) February 22 news (compiler/Liu Yu): most Americans know this phenomenon: when you call the company's customer service, you usually talk with people from another country. This may cause language and accent inconvenience under small deformation conditions, but the problems are far more than these. Some information from the CWA report has attracted the attention of the US Congress

Shane Larson, the legislative director of the CWA report, said: "They have detailed the economic losses caused by outsourcing work overseas, and recorded fraud cases directly related to the staff of overseas call centers. The code for design of building foundation GB 50007 ⑵ 002. When the data is located overseas, your data lacks basic security protection. I think through these laboratories that if every American knows that their data is open to theft, Americans will be irritated."

The report suggests that the United States strongly encourages other countries to adopt data privacy regulations

Larson said that the U.S. call center employee and Consumer Protection Act (hr3496) will solve some problems, providing that enterprises that outsource the work of call centers will lose their eligibility for direct or indirect federal loans, as well as five-year subsidies

the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the number of people working in call centers in the United States has decreased by more than 500000 in the past few years

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