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Editor's note: Guohao Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.: printing is the third pillar industry in developed countries except automobile and petroleum, and ink is an indispensable raw material in the printing industry. At present, China's ink industry has a considerable scale, with more than 300 production enterprises, of which more than 30 have a considerable scale and production and R & D capacity. The comprehensive production capacity of ink is about 220000 tons per year, ranking fourth in the world, accounting for about 5-6% of the world's total output. Generally speaking, although Chinese ink can basically meet the needs of domestic printing and packaging industry, there is still a considerable gap compared with the advanced level of foreign countries

the packaging industry is an important growth area of global ink, because people's demand for food, drink and medicine is stable regardless of economic conditions. The trend of the packaging market has confirmed that the composite material composed of c/abs/pbt/ppo as the matrix will definitely develop after the recession based on pa/p and the global regional market. For the ink manufacturing industry, packaging technology is also a marginal science that has been proved to be continuously improved, and high-tech and process improvements will continue to emerge

at present, the important development trend of packaging and printing materials is to improve their environmental performance, choose pollution-free packaging materials that are energy-saving, low consumption, non-toxic, pollution-free and easy to degrade, and ink is the raw material that causes serious pollution. Therefore, how to reduce the environmental pollution and energy consumption of ink has become the most important development direction of ink industry

to fundamentally improve the impact of ink on the environment, we must start with changing the composition of ink, that is, try to use environmentally friendly materials to prepare new environmentally friendly ink, so as to reduce VOC emissions and improve the difficulty and efficiency of fixture design. At present, environmental friendly inks mainly include water-based inks, UV curing inks and water-based UV inks:

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