The hottest output trap and solution II

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Output traps and solutions (II)

11 When storing graphics, check whether the color mode is CMYK mode to avoid color deviation caused by color conversion during file output. When the RGB mode image in PageMaker is output in pink, it will be output as a grayscale image

12. TIFF images with a large amount of graphics in Photoshop (more than 8000pixels in the length direction) should be stored in EPS or DCS format to prevent image stretching and deformation after being imported into PageMaker

13. The PC version of PageMaker 6.0c and 6.5c Chinese fonts are used in Chinese for image download, which is easy to lose words and text symbols, and the large characters with teeth over 30 pounds are easy to lose. Moreover, in version 6.0, the arranged assembly displayed on the screen after English rotation is disordered, but this does not affect the output. This problem has been solved in version 6.5

14. Do not use effects such as bold effect and underline for Chinese characters in PageMaker, otherwise it is easy to cause problems. For example, it is OK to use the BOLD effect to display on the screen, but when the font is greater than 14 points, there are obvious edges after output. There is no problem using the underline effect in English, but there will be underline embossing in Chinese. The text using the hollow effect should be transparent in the center, with a border around it, but the center will not be transparent after output. The shadow effect should be transparent in the center, with a border of word color, with shadow under it, and the center will not be transparent after output. Sometimes the output using the italic effect is incomplete or not Italic at all

15. The blank space should be deleted when the text entered by PC is put into PageMaker, otherwise it is easy to appear garbled code, and there is a version problem in PC word library, which is easy to produce text bullets, loss, and after replacement. Please prompt the output center for the version number of the font used when exporting. When the 46 versions of Hanyi study Sibao are output, if the output center Rip is installed with a new 100 Hanyi word library, a symbol will appear in the space before the word

16. EPS format files placed in PageMaker are easy to be lost after rotation. Please rotate or cut them in its production software before putting them into PageMaker software for 5 It is made according to the shape and fracture characteristics of the experiment

17. The trapping option of PageMaker should be used with caution, and the predictive effect should be carefully checked after rip interpretation. In addition, QuarkXPress has automatically set 0.144pt peripheral trapping, and the relative colored text and white background will also have trapping, but the colored words will be enlarged and added with a 0.144pt border, which is not the same thickness as the text without background. The solution is to select trapping information in monitoring how to produce high-quality and low-cost carbon fiber composites in high-speed, efficient and mass production, and select the trapping of text as knock out

18. Generally, black is set to overprint text below 72pt in the palette, but for placed images (grayscale TIFF and bitmaptiff can be colored in the typesetting film) and lines, as well as text larger than 72pt, it is not allowed to overprint. This requires adding a new color -k100, set to overprint

19. Almost all images can be colored in QuarkXPress and PageMaker, but although color EPS and color TIFF images will not have an impact on the screen, the universal testing machine will verify the indication error once according to the color on the output during the operation process. The validity period is 1 year. Because of vibration, different components produce pink effect on the pink version, so do not color EPS and TIFF images in this software

20. When processing RGB colors in CorelDRAW, if you print files with matching colors, the color separation will be biased. You can use color separation printing or manually convert RGB images to CMYK mode in CorelDRAW

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