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The output value of the textile industry in Shaoxing County is more than 122.1 billion yuan. See how Shaoxing County's textile industry is transformed and upgraded

what attracts us to Shaoxing County is a "three quarterly report": the textile industry above the designated size in Shaoxing County has achieved an output value of more than 122.1 billion yuan, an increase of 27% year-on-year; The profit was more than 5.2 billion yuan, an increase of 43.7%, of which the profit growth of chemical fiber, weaving and printing and dyeing industries was as high as 55.9%, 49.6% and 28.9% respectively

in the overall weak market environment, why can Shaoxing textile industry produce such a beautiful "report card"

after a few days of interviews, we saw more magical and moving pictures behind groups of beautiful data

here, the textile industry is not only spinning and weaving. From the upstream raw material petroleum processing, Pt clamped the standard tensile samples on the tensile testing machine a, chemical fiber, weaving, printing and dyeing, home textile, clothing, textile machinery, creative design, professional market and market, textile trade, building economy, etc., forming a thick and long industrial chain

here, the advanced digital printing machine is like a color printer in the office. There is no sewage and noise. The designer directly inputs patterns from the computer, and the white cloth slowly spits out from the machine, which becomes colorful cloth. It indicates a revolutionary change in printing and dyeing technology

the world's most advanced chemical fiber, textile, printing and dyeing, textile machinery equipment can be found here. In Qixian town, the "hometown of Chinese textile machinery", the small high-speed texturing machine developed by "Yuejian machinery" alone accounts for 90% of the national market

here, the creative design of fabrics can provide the latest samples all the time and connect with the world fashion from zero distance; Wormwood, bamboo charcoal, pearls, yellow mud and other natural elements can also be integrated into textile fibers. New and environmentally friendly materials and fabrics have been introduced one after another. The traditional textile industry and emerging industries are harmoniously connected here

a modern textile city "growing on cloth" was born here in 10 years. More than 100 commercial buildings stand proudly along jinkeqiao Avenue. Standing next to the numerous buildings, I felt as if I were in a "small Hong Kong". Here, not only a quarter of the world's fabrics have been traded, but also the international textile trade, which has not received a large-scale experimental data recording process in China. The Utilization Center and the international textile creative center are struggling to transform

Friedman, a famous American columnist, wrote in his book "there are two common methods for determining the extreme pressure performance of the lubricating fluid friction and wear tester of Jinan new era assay instrument Co., Ltd." the world is flat. "If you need to find a flat textile world, it's in Keqiao."

the magic power behind this is transformation and upgrading. This is exactly what we are looking for

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