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Bao Xie participated in the Symposium of the Ministry of Commerce. Wu Yi emphasized the role of the association

the national key industries to enhance industrial competitiveness and maintain industrial safety work conference was held in Beijing on February 25th, 2004. Wu Yi, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and vice premier of the State Council, made important instructions to the meeting, requiring the Ministry of Commerce to take guiding industries to improve their international competitiveness as an important task, give full play to the role of industry associations, chambers of Commerce and other social intermediary organizations, seize the current important strategic opportunity, and continuously improve the international competitiveness of Chinese enterprises

Wu Yi pointed out that improving the international competitiveness of China's industry is an important part of coping with China's entry into the WTO and effectively maintaining industrial safety, and is the fundamental way for China's industry to develop healthily in the increasingly fierce international competition. The Ministry of commerce is responsible for releasing the trends of industrial competitiveness, guiding and coordinating the safety work of domestic industries, and should take guiding industries to enhance their international competitiveness as an important task

Wu Yi requested that the Ministry of commerce should further strengthen its ties with the industry in promoting the unified and coordinated development of domestic and foreign trade, give full play to the role of industry associations, chambers of Commerce and other social intermediary organizations, guide the industry to seize the current important strategic opportunity period, make full use of the two markets in the way of judging the quality of international testing machines, which are characterized by softness and transparency, good bonding performance, two kinds of resources, and make rational use of WTO rules, So that Chinese enterprises will continue to grow in international competition and improve their international competitiveness

Gao Hucheng, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Commerce, pointed out in his speech at the meeting that we should actively respond to the challenges of the world, vigorously improve industrial competitiveness, continue to apply trade relief measures in accordance with the law, and earnestly do a good job in maintaining industrial safety

the utilization of the whole aviation and construction industry in gaohucheng analyzes the situation faced by China's industry in the past two years since its accession to the WTO. Joining the WTO has provided opportunities for China to expand foreign trade and economic cooperation, and created conditions for China's industries to give full play to their comparative advantages and speed up structural adjustment; Exercising the power of WTO members has improved the external environment of China's industry. But at the same time, China's industry is also facing problems and challenges such as intensified competition, the rise of international traditionalism, the huge pressure caused by fulfilling commitments and further opening up the market, as well as the non-standard order of the domestic market

Gao Hucheng pointed out that improving the international competitiveness of the industry is the fundamental policy to maintain industrial safety. At present, China's economic development has reached an important opportunity period. Improving industrial competitiveness is a strategic measure to maintain industrial safety with a new concept of development. It is related to whether we can deal with the relationship between the speed and structure of foreign trade development, quality and efficiency, achieve comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development, and whether we can successfully deal with the complex situation in the transition period after China's entry into WTO, Fundamentally solve the current trade friction and the impact of various trade barriers. With the acceleration of economic globalization and scientific and technological progress, many countries have more and more forms of protecting domestic industries, and are no longer limited to the use of trade remedy measures such as anti-dumping, countervailing and safeguard measures. In particular, developed countries have increased their efforts to protect the domestic market by relying on non-tariff barriers such as intellectual property rights and technical standards. Facing more and more various trade barriers, China's industry must fundamentally improve the product grade and technical content, develop products with independent intellectual property rights, and improve the overall competitive advantage

Gao Hucheng stressed that it is necessary to give full play to the role of industry organizations in maintaining industrial safety. Industry organizations are the bridge and link between the government and enterprises. We should strengthen industry self-discipline, safeguard the overall and long-term interests of the industry, maintain fair competition in the industry, and promote the orderly development of the industry. We should coordinate and help enterprises to use trade relief measures to deal with trade frictions, further change ideas, improve mechanisms, and improve industrial representation

Gao Hucheng said that the Ministry of commerce should further strengthen its ties with the industry, effectively play a guiding and coordinating role, and create a good environment for the industry to enhance its international competitiveness and maintain industrial safety. He hoped that industry organizations would work solidly with a new spirit and a strong sense of mission, keep pace with the times, and make greater contributions to China's economic development

representatives of national key industry associations, chambers of Commerce, some key enterprises, research institutions, colleges and universities, intermediary institutions and relevant departments of the State Council attended the meeting

during the National Working Conference on improving industrial competitiveness and maintaining industrial safety in key industries held on February 25, Vice Minister of Commerce Gao Hucheng held an informal discussion with the association heads of some key industries participating in the conference. Qian Jin, vice president of China Packaging Technology Association, attended the meeting and Discussion on behalf of the packaging industry

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