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Ouyang Nini dropped out of school and cut hardware. Gossip man

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November 14, 2018 14:21

the 22-year-old Ouyang Nini and 313 (5) layer film composite extrusion production line are subject to the size of the extruder and the design of the mold.Gossip object Li jia'an, a small hardware store, is often photographed as a pair. In August this year, the media also photographed Li jia'an sticking to Ouyang Nini, not only sharing headphones, but also hanging on the street with radiant textile materials, which seems to be more and more open. Nini attended the press conference of the new drama "miss naobo" that set up the new material research and development center today. She was asked about the gossip object. She said surprisingly, "recently, she has been concentrating on her work and has no contact with the crew." Two people have broken up? She asked, "are we together?" The reaction made the media present dumbfounded

she was originally in the Department of Taiwan arts drama, but today she also revealed that she has been suspended from school. Because "miss naobo" is expected to be filmed until next February, she must first concentrate on finishing the play. This is also her first TV series to choose to be a heroine, so she attaches great importance to it. She said that at the beginning of shooting, she was under great pressure. She lost 3 kilograms in nine days and now weighs about 50. She said with a smile, "everyone seems to care about my weight very much. Every time I see it, I have to ask."

also mentioned that the senator's father ouyanglong has been very busy recently, and his father and daughter rarely meet, but his father in China will remind her that "actors should grasp every scene", and don't forget to thank his father "I don't know how many times I have listened to these words". For the first time, she cooperated with the hero zhangshuhao, and said that her first impression of him was "serious and terrible", but after getting along with him, she found that he was very good at driving the atmosphere of the scene, and Zhang Jie was full of warm men inside and outside the play, "I'll buy chocolate for me when I make a crying scene."

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